March 2017 Monthly Newsletter

How do you say, “I Love You?” One Last Time?

Beginnings and endings create the most indelible impressions. What comes to mind is famous a quote by Former Prime Minister of Great Britain Margaret Thatcher, “It is all in the hellos and the goodbyes”. Most of our close friends and family will remember both our date-of-birth and our date-of-death. Considering the impact our last goodbye will have on our loved ones for years to come the importance of this event truly cannot be overestimated, don’t you agree? It is important to preserve our precious memories for the generations that will follow us; especially the memory of the celebration of our lives that is contained in the hearts and minds of family and friends.

What better way to say, “I Love You” than to prepare for a time when your family will need you the most. The undeniable truth is you will not be there at that crushing time to comfort your family or to guide them in person. You can however lift the burden and lessen the pain for them by planning in advance. Your family has been accustomed to asking you questions and seeking your advice and this will be your last opportunity to provide it and may also be the time that they will need it the most.

I now humbly suggest one way that you can say, “I love you” to your family: Create an Action Plan Now.

Your Plan-of-Action will include many actionable items: Where will your service be held? Will it be at a funeral home or perhaps a local church or community hall? Who will officiate at your memorial service? Do you have a backup for your first choice? Have you had a will prepared? How about a living trust for your life insurance proceeds? Please be at ease, you do not have to have all the answers. Did you know that guidance and support with all the above and more can be included in a plan formulated by you along with your trusted advisor? Did you know that you can do this well in advance of your death? Do you think your family would appreciate such a plan? If we don’t start planning for it now, when will we plan for it? When will you contact your trusted advisor to get started on this plan?


All Final Expense Professionals’ friends are eligible for a free membership in Legacy Safeguard. This is a valuable service that includes Legacy Planning, Estate Planning Support, End of Life Planning and Assistance, Support for Survivors and much more. (Please review our video by clicking below)

We are dedicated to helping you plan a legacy that is all it can be; providing your family peace and comfort with lasting value. Contact us today and a trusted advisor can assist you with all your final expense insurance needs, 931-451-7884 -or- Click Here to Send Us an eMail.

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